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APRIL 2015
APRIL 2015
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Cologne Zoo

Distance from hotel: 2.9 km

Let fascinate in the new extremely PARK of the largest outlet for elephant North of the Alps. ...

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Claudius Spa – thermal baths in Cologne

Distance from hotel: 3.0 km

Claudius Spa in the Cologne Rheinpark is one the most beautiful spas of Europe. With its attractive architecture, a reference...

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Galloping track-Cologne Weidenpesch

Distance from hotel: 3.6 km

Renntag in Cologne Weidenpesch means close the gripping live atmosphere of bet streitenden Galopper...

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Golf Club Leverkusen e.V. Cologne

Distance from hotel: 3.9 km

A beautiful view and a very varied area are the framework for our attractive 75 hectares golf course...

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Wildpark Dünnwalder Mauspfad

Distance from hotel: 4.1 km

On the outskirts of thin forest, in a light forest area created this spacious ...

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Odysseum - Science Center Cologne

Distance from hotel: 4.5 km

Step by step urgent Odysseum Cologne of its opening to the 3. Forward to April and presented...

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Höhenfelder lake

Distance from hotel: 4.6 km

The height fields Lake is located on the edge in a recreational area between Cologne ...

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KD shipping

Distance from hotel: 4.8 km

Adventurous boat tours, exciting day trips, happy party rides, exciting ...

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Japanese garden in Leverkusen

Distance from hotel: 4.9 km

1926 visited Carl Duisberg, chaired and Verwaltungsratsvorsitzender of the IG finalized ...

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Discover Cologne by bike

Distance from hotel: 5.0 km

Bicycle tours by Cologne are popular especially when the weather...

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Sky Beach - Beach Club over the rooftops of Cologne

Distance from hotel: 5.6 km

Cologne city in the next few weeks the right place. High above the cityscape there by...

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Fühlinger lake

Distance from hotel: 9.7 km

The recreational area of Fühlinger Lake is located in the North of ...

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Cologne Bonn Airport

Distance from hotel: 12.6 km

Even if you want to rise in the air airport is an interesting destination. ...

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Otto Maigler lake

Distance from hotel: 15.9 km

The Lido Otto Maigler-lake is the most beautiful and coveted bathing lake in the Cologne-Bonn...

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Castle Augustusburg-Brühl near Cologne

Distance from hotel: 17.5 km

Masterpiece of Rococo is Castle Augustusburg in Brühl. A look at the interior reveals the...

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Distance from hotel: 20.1 km

On the Northern of Bay of niederrheinischen, in a charming between extensive...

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Rotter lake

Distance from hotel: 20.4 km

Nearby are also Eschmarer-and Mondorfer Lake.

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Phantasialand - Brühl near Cologne

Distance from hotel: 21.1 km

The shows in the Phantasialand are available for world-class...

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Park Rhinland (Rheinland)

Distance from hotel: 26.3 km

Welcome to the nature Rhineland! The natural park Rhineland lies...

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Bonn city tour

Distance from hotel: 27.4 km

Connect a classical city tour with the modern Hüpf pure-Hüpf out city sightseeing...

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Botanic garden Bonn

Distance from hotel: 28.1 km

Already 1650 existed kurfürstliche "Orangerien exotic to culture plants and large...

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SEA LIFE Königswinter

Distance from hotel: 35.8 km

Experience the fascination of domestic underwater next to the current exhibition. Enchanting decor, ...

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Bad Münstereifel, Euskirchen and environment

Distance from hotel: 49.7 km

The romantic village at the Erft is known primarily by the cafe of Schlagerstars Heino ...

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The Erft bicycle tour

Distance from hotel: 49.7 km

A very family-friendly 110 km long ride along the Erft...

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Dragon rock in the Siebengebierge near Cologne

Distance from hotel: 60.5 km

He is 321 meters high and mainly consists of trachyte and wood (in the form of trees)....

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National Park Eifel - recreation near Cologne

Distance from hotel: 71.1 km

65 Km southwest of Cologne is the Eifel National Park. On an area of 110 square expects...

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Ship tour from Koblenz to Bonn

Distance from hotel: 80.2 km

We take bus along the Rhine Remagen, Unkel, Linz and bad Hönningen and achieve against...

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