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APRIL 2015
APRIL 2015
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Distance from hotel: 4.8 km

Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral
is the symbol of Cologne and the Centre of the city. Here are the central station and the largest museums South begins the old town, Southwest begins the major shopping areas with high street and signage Street.  

In the fourth century, a Christian sacred building was on the authority of the present church building. The first church building from its appearance is known, was the 870 perfect Carolingian Church. This construction was in the East supplemented by Church of St. Maria gradus ad. After the relics of the Magi by Archbishop Rainald of Dassel 1164 from Milan to Cologne launched were the Cathedral was not merely Office Church of Cologne Archbishop. With a the Cathedral was one the most important sanctuaries of Europe, for which another architectural form was necessary. Therefore decided the Cologne to a monumental new French Gothic-style. This style joined it to his triumph through Europe. The foundation of today's Cologne Cathedral was 1248 laid by Archbishop under Conrad of high Staden. Master Gerhard designed building strong based on the cathedrals of Amiens, Paris and Strasbourg.

Already 1322 was inaugurated the choir. Immediately you came to the establishment of South turmes but working at 56 m height were aborted after 90 years. 1560 gave the college setting all building work-vermutlich financial reasons.

For centuries, a construction crane on the South Tower coined the city. 1794, the Cathedral was abused by the Napoleonic troops as stable and warehouse.

1841 Cologne citizens founded on reason from King Friedrich Wilhem IV. the "central-dome construction-Association" and already 1842 the preusische King laid the foundations for the further construction of the building. The Cathedral with modern technology no 40 years later - in 1880 - was completed. The Cathedral was national monument and the German Catholics with the staatstragendem preußischem Protestantism should aussöhnen.

1943, the cathedral made by British bombs, experienced its worst hours. The building was the shocks, after the war had but several damage be repaired.

Five ship-Gothic Kirchberg building with dealing choir and Chapel wreath
-monumental western façade with two towers.
-North Tower with 157,38 metres; he was the highest building of the Earth
-Nave with 119 M 45,19 metres wide and nave with 15,21 m width 
-Window with 10,000 square metres
-Space for 20,000 people
-Construction costs for current value: around EUR 10 billion
-Gero cross to 970)
-Three Kings shrine of Nicholas of Verdun (1181 1220)
-Triptych "altar of city cartridge" by Stephen Lochner (to 1440) 
Carpets of Peter Paul Rubens (1640)
-Milan Madonna (to 1290)

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday: 6.00 pm - 7.30 P.m.

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